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There have been many great past competitions and memories. They are stored below.

2019-2020 Awards

Portage Northern: 

4th place in Astronomy - Prahlad and Max B.
1st place in Boomilever - Xiangyu and Tejas
1st place in Code Busters - Joe, Tejas, and Max W.
2nd place in Geologic Mapping - Alex and Max B.
6th place in Machines - Jacob and Mia
4th place in Ornithology - Amara and Mia
6th place in Sound of Music - Alex and Mia
4th place in Wright Stuff - Xiangyu and Jacob
5th place in Water Quality - Alex and Joe

Team Placement - 7th overall


1st in Boomilever - Mia Kirchgessner & Tejas Iyer

1st in Wright Stuff - Xiangyu Chen & Prahlad Pant

2nd in Write it, Do it - Xiangyu Chen & Joe Rao

3rd in Code Busters - Joe Rao, Max West, & Tejas Iyer

4th in Geologic Mapping - Alex and Max Bruce

5th in Disease Detectives - Max Bruce & Prahlad Pant

5th in Ornithology - Mia Kirchgessner & Amara Okoro

5th in Astronomy - Prahlad Pant & Max Bruce

5th in Fossils - Tejas Iyer & Max Bruce

5th in Gravity Vehicle - Xiangyu Chen & Jacob Vandenbosch

6th in Ping Pong Parachute - Xiangyu Chen & Tejas Iyer

Team Placement - 5th overall

2018-2019 Awards


Circuit Lab 6th - Max W. & Clay

Designer Genes 5th - Bailey & Kate

Fermi Questions 6th- Xiangyu & Joe

Geologic Mapping 4th - Max B. & Alex

Thermodynamics 4th - Tejas & Clay

Water Quality 3rd - Billy & Alex

Team award: 9th overall & invitation to state's


Designer Genes 3rd - Bailey & Kate

Fermi Questions 4th - Xiangyu & Joe

Geologic Mapping 7th - Max B. & Alex

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